Sterling Rope Marathon Pro 10.1mm Rope


Sterling Rope Marathon Pro 10.1mm Rope

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A durable workhorse single rope, for all-around use on trad routes and for projecting sport climbs. Marathon ropes are designed with high-denier sheaths (50% more) for abrasion resistance, yet they are still supple enough for good performance.

  • Designed for all-around use.
  • ThermoDynamic balancing and Drycore treatment provide durability and excellent handling.

Tech specs

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Weight 3.78kg
Ideal for Rock climbing
Type Single (10mm ›)

Dry ropes have a water-resistant treatment on both core and sheath. Dry (UIAA certified) ropes have both core and sheath treated, plus meet the UIAA Water Repellent standard by passing a stringent test where a soaked rope cannot absorb more than 5% of the rope's weight.

Length 60m
Dynamic elongation

Maximum elongation in the first UIAA test fall, where a weight is attached to the rope and then dropped. Higher numbers indicate stretchier ropes.

Static elongation

In controlled tests, a weight is suspended from the rope (not dropped). Higher numbers indicate stretchier ropes.

Impact force

The amount of force, in kN, that the first UIAA fall puts on the falling object. Less impact force puts less force on the climber, belayer, and protection during a fall.

Linear weight 63g/m
Diameter 10.1mm
Halfway pattern change No
UIAA fall rating

Indicates the number of consecutive falls a rope withstood during testing in a controlled environment. The number is for reference only, and does not indicate the number of falls a rope will withstand during actual use or over its lifespan.

Made in USA