Atlas Elektra 1027 Snowshoes - Women's


Atlas Elektra 1027 Snowshoes - Women's

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All-terrain, snowshoes designed to float over soft snow. They'll take you down established trails or let you explore your own routes. A spring-loaded suspension system allows your foot to articulate naturally, for a comfortable and efficient stride. The steel rails and All-Trac crampons dig into crusty snow and side hills to provide secure traction.

  • Aluminum V-shaped frames are designed to match a women's gait.
  • Nytex decking stays flexible even when cold.
  • Tempered steel All-Trac toe crampons.
  • Tempered steel Traverse Trac rails.
  • Wrapp Swift bindings add a layer of warmth at the instep, and are moulded around a women's last for excellent arch support.
  • Adjustable heel strap locks in place with a SureClick buckle.
  • Heel lift bar to accommodate steep slopes.

Tech specs

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Ideal for General snowshoeing
Dimensions 10 x 27in.
Max recommended load 120-200lb.
Heel lift

Indicates if the snowshoe has a heel lift or not. Heel lifts reduce calf strain on uphill climbs.

Made in China