Time I-CLIC Carbon Road Pedals



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Sweet, lightweight, high-end road pedals.

  • Carbon body with a hollow steel axle.
  • Flexible carbon blades and carbon blade support.
  • Aluminum arch axle.
  • Pre-opening ICLIC automatic engagement.
  • Setting for lateral foot position and angle regulation.
  • Oversize pedal platform is 447 square mm.
  • Pedal and cleat bioposition is 13mm.
  • Angular float is (plus or minus) 5 degrees. Lateral float is 2.5mm.
  • Release angle is 15°.

Tech specs

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Spindle Stainless steel
Body Carbon
Degrees of float

Float allows side to side movement of the foot while the foot is clipped in. This promotes comfort and helps prevent knee problems.

5 degrees
Made in France