UCO Stormproof Match Kit


UCO Stormproof Match Kit

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Being able to reliably start a fire is always pleasant and sometimes essential. This combination of a rugged container and fiercely burning matches ensures you won’t be caught out in the cold. A great addition to any emergency kit.

  • Contains 25 stormproof matches.
  • Screw-on cap is waterproofed with an O-ring.
  • Striking surface outside. Two additional striking surfaces are protected inside the case.
  • Match burn for 15 seconds and will relight even after several seconds of complete submersion.
  • Extra-long, 7cm matchsticks protect fingers against burns.
  • Dimensions are 2.9 x 7.6cm.

Tech specs

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Weight 48g
Ideal for Camping and hiking
Requires combustible materials

Provides a point of ignition to light fire, but not the fuel.

Requires ignition

Requires a point of ignition to light fire.

Waterproof Yes
Made in India