Craft AR Knickers - Men's



Show Description

These knickers are a great length for running as the temperature climbs in late spring, and you feel that desire to leave the cave, shed your parka, and joyfully kick up your heels. They're built to fully cover your knees while allowing the air to flow around your lower legs.

  • Body fabric is polyester with elastane, for nice stretch and good wicking ability.
  • Polyester mesh for ventilation so the backs of your knees won't get all sweaty.
  • Ergonomic construction is designed for full freedom of movement and run-friendly form.
  • Minimal reflective treatment on sides ensures you don't get swallowed up by the darkness.
  • Drawcord waist is wide so it won't dig into your torso.
  • Zippered key pocket at back is handy for securing small items.