Wild Country Helium Technical Friends


Wild Country Helium Technical Friends

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The all-time classic Technical Friend is revamped. Helium Friends have a larger range, longer stems, lower triggers, and an ergonomic thumb loop. The increased range (about 20% more) creates a bigger overlap between sizes, so there's a better chance the piece will fit an intended placement. Functionally you get more placements when carrying fewer units. Although rejigged and 6% lighter than prio, these cams stay true to many of the original concepts that Friends first demonstrated: that constant cam angle, single stem and single axle combination give a stability and predictability when loaded.

  • Cams are hot-forged aluminum. Axle is stainless steel.
  • Single axle with 13.75-degree cam angle. All units are rated to 12kN.
  • Full-strength cam stops provide passive protection if the cam should open.
  • 12mm Dyneema® sling. The increased length means you may not need to use an extender, saving time, weight and preserving energy.
  • Full floating trigger with independent cam triggering.
  • Colour-coded for ease of racking and selecting.

Tech specs

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Ideal for Trad and aid climbing
Sling material Dyneema
Stem Single stainless steel
Axle Single

The maximum force generated by a fall the equipment can withstand. The range includes all sizes.

Lobes 4
Range 16.5-102mm
Extendable sling No
Three sigma tested Yes
CE certified Yes
Made in United Kingdom