Fluid Dope Whitewater Kayak



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Fluid took the best features of their proven Nemesis playboat and compressed them into a tighter, more explosive package. So the Dope is all about aerials. Big ones. Multiple moves prior to landing kind of aerials. Any more hang time and you’d need a pilot’s license kind of aerials.

The Dope’s also a great freestyle craft. It’s got the potential to let experts push the sport into ever bigger moves. Yet it’s forgiving enough to let mere mortals make the most of their favourite wave or hole.

Tech specs

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Hull material HDPE (High-density polyethylene)
Length 1.8m (5ft. 11in.)
External cockpit dimensions

Dimensions of the cockpit, measured on the outside of the lip. The external measurement is useful when sizing sprayskirts.

89 x 50cm (35 x 19¾in.)
Paddler weight range 59-91kg (130-200lb.)

The overall volume capacity of a boat or the total board displacement in litres.

220L (58gal.)
Made in USA