Accent Pace Pro Core Paddle


Accent Pace Pro Core Paddle

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Well suited to most touring paddlers, the Pace is optimized for low-angle strokes. With a soft catch and easy power stroke, it cushions your muscles and joints as you take on long days or extended tours.

  • Classic asymmetric shape fits a wide range of paddling activities.
  • Rib-free backs let the blades slip silently and efficiently through the water.
  • High-density, solid foam core is layered with carbon fibre/fibreglass blend. Edged with Dynel for durability.
  • Pro Core series feature premium engineering and materials.
  • Multiple Adjustment Gear (MAG) allows feather selection for both right and left hand control from 0-90 degrees in 15 degree increments. Once set to your preferred angle, simply put it together with a simple button closure.

Tech specs

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Blade material Carbon fibre with foam core
Shaft material Fibreglass/carbon blend
Blade shape

Blade shapes are designed to apply power efficiently. Short, wide: immediate power. Long, narrow: better leverage in turbulent water. Wing: channels water for maximum power and speed.

Low angle
Shaft type Straight
Blade dimensions 49 x 16cm (19.3 x 6.3in.)
Blade angle 0° to 90° (15° increments)

The angle of two blades relative to one another. Parallel blade = unfeathered. Offset blades = feathered. Feathered paddles reduce wind resistance. Adjustable paddles can be adjusted left or right.

Made in USA