Accent Fit Premier Core Bent Paddle

Product code 5028-096

Accent Fit Premier Core Bent Paddle

Product code 5028-096


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Optimized for high-angle paddling, the Fit lets you quickly apply power to forward, turning or steering strokes. Its buoyancy gives it an almost weightless feel and assists in the release phase of each stroke.

  • Bent shaft lets your wrists rest in a neutral, ergonomic position.
  • Premier Core series have a high-density, solid foam core, sheathed in fibreglass and protected by gelcoat. Edged with Dynel for durability.
  • LokTite adjustable ferrule system sets your preferred angle, right, left, or no feather in 15 degree increments. One-step, push button assembly.
  • Rib-free backs let the blades slip silently and efficiently through the water.

Tech specs

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Ideal for Kayak touring
Blade material Fibreglass with foam core
Shaft material Fibreglass/carbon blend
Shaft type Bent
Blade shape

Blade shapes are designed to apply power efficiently. Short, wide: immediate power. Long, narrow: better leverage in turbulent water. Wing: channels water for maximum power and speed.

High angle
Blade dimensions 18 x 46cm (6.9 x 18.1in.)
Blade angle 0° to 90° (15° increments)

The angle of two blades relative to one another. Parallel blade = unfeathered. Offset blades = feathered. Feathered paddles reduce wind resistance. Adjustable paddles can be adjusted left or right.

Made in USA