Timex Ironman Cycle Trainer 2.0

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Precision GPS technology, HRM functions, and a built-in barometer let you track every essential parameter to get the most from your training rides. Pair it with optional ANT+ wireless sensors and you can break down your speed, cadence, and power.

  • SiRFstarIII GPS technology provides precise speed, distance and geographical coordinates.
  • Barometric pressure sensor for altitude, elevation and grade data.
  • Temperature readout.
  • 5 customizable screens.
  • Hands-free operation.
  • Auto start, auto split, auto stop, and auto resume functions.
  • Settable interval timer.
  • Includes Timex® desktop device agent for PC and Mac.
  • Download data to free online log powered by TrainingPeaks.
  • 18 hour rechargeable Li-ion battery.
  • Includes flex tech digital 2.4 HRM sensor.
  • Recharging/communications cable included.

Tech specs

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IPX rating

Indicates the degree of protection against liquid. IP X1: Dripping water while in normal operating orientation; IP X4: Splashing water; IP X5: Water jets; IP X6: Powerful water jets; IP X7: Immersion up to 1m ≤ 30 minutes; IP X8: Suitable for submersion as specified by manufacturer.

Countdown timer Yes
Stopwatch Yes
Electronic compass

An electronic compass allows the user to view their heading in situations where they are either standing still or moving too slowly for the GPS to detect.

Low battery warning Yes
Calories in real time

Displays calorie expenditure during activity, based on heart rate monitor data.

Battery power indicator Yes
Heart rate monitor Yes
Power meter

Displays output in watts as you ride.

Sold separately
Auto pause

Automatically pauses timer when you stop or go below a specified pace.

Unit to unit transfer

Shares data wirelessly between compatible units.

Barometric altimeter

Barometer function helps forecast weather trends. An altimeter can provide one line of position for location on a topo map, useful if the GPS isn't working.

Interface USB
Metric/imperial units format Yes
Virtual partner

Allows user to monitor training goals with either a virtual partner or alarms.

Programmable workouts

Want an easy jog? A fast-paced ride? A workout with lots of variety to keep you on your toes? With programmable workouts you can tailor your training to match whatever you are looking for on a particular day.

Calorie consumption

Calculated based on data from a heart rate monitor.

Button lock No
Heart rate target zones

Displays heart rate zones during activity.

Pause timer

Pauses the timer when slowing or stopping, and automatically resumes when moving again.

Heart rate in real time

Displays beats per minute during activity.

Speed/cadence sensor

Monitors pedalling cadence and measures pedalling strokes per minute.

Sold separately
Add maps capability

These units allow you to add maps, so you can mark and name waypoints and create routes on your PC, and then upload the map of your choice to your GPS.

Batteries Lithium-ion (included)
Workout history Yes
Distance/time alarm Yes

A basic set of map data that is included with the GPS. Basemap detail may vary from unit to unit.

Coded signal

A coded instrument ensures no interference between your chest strap and your watch, necessary if you are training in busy gyms or trails where other signals may be encountered.

Chest strap Included
Touch screen No
Data card Not accepted
New lap auto start

Automatically triggers a new lap after reaching a specified difference.

Battery life 18 h
ANT+ compatible

Ensures seamless digital wireless communication between ANT+ devices. For example, data from an ultra-low power wireless sensor can be displayed on a bike computer or smartphone, then downloaded to a PC, etc.

Interval training Yes
Made in China