Scarpa Pegasus Boots - Men's



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For those who fly through the front country and want something functional to tour with when conditions are ripe. Light enough for touring, they offer 38-degrees of flex so they don't feel like Frankenstein boots when you're walking, and offer precise power transmission and flex for downhill performance.

  • Shells are polyurethane with stiff Pebax tongues. Evo V-frame adds stiffness at the rear of the boot for good power transmission.
  • Wiregate Tour-lock buckle clasps allow rapid transitions.
  • Instant Fit Flex Pro liner is lined to limit moisture absorption and odour.
  • Quickstep fittings and fitting indicator simplify the process of getting your boots on and off.
  • Vibram® Cayman sole.

Tech specs

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Ideal for Alpine touring
Buckles 4
Lower shell material Polyurethane
Forward lean

Forward lean affects a skiers balance. Some boots have a set forward lean angle; some are adjustable. Less lean places your knees in a more upright (almost standing) position, whereas more lean positions your knees forward over the ball of your feet.

Lace-up option No
Thermoformable inner boot No
Made in Italy