Gerber/Bear Grylls Survival Basic Kit


Gerber/Bear Grylls Survival Basic Kit

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It fits in a pocket, but still provides the means to start a fire, signal for help, help improvise a shelter, and snare dinner.

  • Gerber® mini-paraframe knife with a half serrated, half-straight blade.
  • Emergency whistle.
  • Fire starter (miniature firesteel).
  • Waterproof matches.
  • Cotton ball (for fire tinder)
  • Snare/repair wire.
  • Emergency cord.
  • Land to air rescue instructions.
  • Priorities of Survival pocket guide teaches basic survival essentials.
  • Lightweight waterproof nylon bag with waterproof zipper holds all items.

Tech specs

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Ideal for Emergency preparedness
Knife Yes
Fishing weights No
Fish hooks No
Compass No
Duct tape No
Fishing line No
Magnifying lens No
Heavy duty foil No
Matches Yes
Wire Yes
Tinder Yes
Whistle Yes
Light No
Thread No
Waterproof paper No
Signal mirror No
Pencil No
Survival tips Yes
Flint Yes
Sterile disposable scalpel No
Needle No
Cord Yes
Saw No
Made in China