Flashed Ninja Crash Pad 5029-442

Flashed Ninja Crash Pad

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Looking for big protection that folds up like a small taco? Look no further. The Ninja's light foam is stiff enough to effectively disperse the force of freefall.

  • Foam is closed-cell layer over durable open-cell. Light to keep total weight down, but stiff to disperse the forces.
  • Surface is comfy for lounging and good for cleaning shoes.
  • Closure system provides tight fit and an easy getaway.
  • Cargo pocket is handy for valuables.
  • Flashed hooked buckles close it all up.
  • Padded waist belt reduces sway.
  • Padded shoulder straps are securely sewn on.
  • New brightly coloured handles and webbing move to the mat with ease.

Tech specs

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Ideal for Bouldering

High compression foam disperses impact, low compressions foam absorbs it.

High compression + low compression foam
Shell fabric 1000-denier nylon
Folded Shape

Sandwich = hinged design. Taco = unhinged, folds in half. Burrito = unhinged, two or more folds.

Folded dimensions 106 x 51 x 31cm
Dimensions 127 x 91 x 9cm
Pocket(s) Yes
Shoulder straps Yes
Waistbelt Yes
Number of handles 4
Made in Korea, Republic of