Atomic Vasa Race Skate Skis



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Lightweight skating skis for ambitious athletes who want every bit of their effort to blast them further along the trail. The ultralight cores transfer power into the kick phase, while the bases minimize friction to promote a long, smooth glide.

  • Ultra High Densolite cores include a large-volume Nomex honeycomb centre inserts for performance without excess weight.

Tech specs

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Sandwich and combination construction is generally used for big freeride-style skis while the lighter structural cap type of construction is more commonly found on cross-country skis.

Structural cap
Core Densolite
Dimension (all lengths) 44-42-44mm
  • 172cm
  • 178cm
  • 184cm
  • 190cm

Often called "fish scale" skis, waxless skis are designed so you don't need to apply kick wax. However, you may still want to apply glide wax for a better glide. They are a good option for those who don't like waxing, or for regions where temperatures can vary greatly throughout the day.

Metal edge No
Made in Austria