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MEC Nano XP Dry Bag


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Great for watersports, these bags are also light and supple enough to use for backpacking.

  • Supple fabric lies flat and is easily packable
  • Secure them using the lash points on the bottom. You can also fashion shoulder straps by adding webbing to the lash points and D-ring closures
  • Welded strips seal the roll-top closures
  • Note: these dry bags do not provide submersible waterproof protection or impact protection. For electronics, we recommend hard cases with gasket seals

Tech specs

Weight69g (Sour Apple/Atmosphere 5L)
109g (Sour Apple/Atmosphere 20L)
69g (Virtual Pink/Atmosphere 5L)
109g (Virtual Pink/Atmosphere 20L)
69g (Atmosphere/Sour Apple 5L)
109g (Atmosphere/Sour Apple 20L)
69g (Black 5L)
109g (Black 20L)
69g (Atmosphere/Granadine 5L)
109g (Atmosphere/Granadine 20L)
109g (Green Olive 20L)
109g (Orange Tango 20L)
109g (Purple Dusk 20L)
Ideal for
  • Watersports
  • Camping and hiking
  • Roll-top
  • 70-denier PU-coated nylon
Length29cm (Sour Apple/Atmosphere 1L)
40cm (Sour Apple/Atmosphere 5L)
60.3cm (Sour Apple/Atmosphere 10L)
75.5cm (Sour Apple/Atmosphere 20L)
37.3cm (Sour Apple/Atmosphere 3L)
29cm (Virtual Pink/Atmosphere 1L)
40cm (Virtual Pink/Atmosphere 5L)
60.3cm (Virtual Pink/Atmosphere 10L)
75.5cm (Virtual Pink/Atmosphere 20L)
37.3cm (Virtual Pink/Atmosphere 3L)
29cm (Atmosphere/Sour Apple 1L)
40cm (Atmosphere/Sour Apple 5L)
60.3cm (Atmosphere/Sour Apple 10L)
75.5cm (Atmosphere/Sour Apple 20L)
37.3cm (Atmosphere/Sour Apple 3L)
29cm (Black 1L)
40cm (Black 5L)
60.3cm (Black 10L)
75.5cm (Black 20L)
37.3cm (Black 3L)
29cm (Atmosphere/Granadine 1 L)
40cm (Atmosphere/Granadine 5L)
60.3cm (Atmosphere/Granadine 10L)
75.5cm (Atmosphere/Granadine 20L)
37.3cm (Atmosphere/Granadine 3L)
Width17.6cm (Sour Apple/Atmosphere 1L)
30.4cm (Sour Apple/Atmosphere 5L)
30.4cm (Sour Apple/Atmosphere 10L)
36.5cm (Sour Apple/Atmosphere 20L)
21.6cm (Sour Apple/Atmosphere 3L)
17.6cm (Virtual Pink/Atmosphere 1L)
30.4cm (Virtual Pink/Atmosphere 5L)
30.4cm (Virtual Pink/Atmosphere 10L)
36.5cm (Virtual Pink/Atmosphere 20L)
21.6cm (Virtual Pink/Atmosphere 3L)
17.6cm (Atmosphere/Sour Apple 1L)
30.4cm (Atmosphere/Sour Apple 5L)
30.4cm (Atmosphere/Sour Apple 10L)
36.5cm (Atmosphere/Sour Apple 20L)
21.6cm (Atmosphere/Sour Apple 3L)
17.6cm (Black 1L)
30.4cm (Black 5L)
30.4cm (Black 10L)
36.5cm (Black 20L)
21.6cm (Black 3L)
17.6cm (Atmosphere/Granadine 1 L)
30.4cm (Atmosphere/Granadine 5L)
30.4cm (Atmosphere/Granadine 10L)
36.5cm (Atmosphere/Granadine 20L)
21.6cm (Atmosphere/Granadine 3L)
Not IPX rated
Volume1L (Sour Apple/Atmosphere 1L)
5L (Sour Apple/Atmosphere 5L)
10L (Sour Apple/Atmosphere 10L)
20L (Sour Apple/Atmosphere 20L)
3L (Sour Apple/Atmosphere 3L)
1L (Virtual Pink/Atmosphere 1L)
5L (Virtual Pink/Atmosphere 5L)
10L (Virtual Pink/Atmosphere 10L)
20L (Virtual Pink/Atmosphere 20L)
3L (Virtual Pink/Atmosphere 3L)
1L (Atmosphere/Sour Apple 1L)
5L (Atmosphere/Sour Apple 5L)
10L (Atmosphere/Sour Apple 10L)
20L (Atmosphere/Sour Apple 20L)
3L (Atmosphere/Sour Apple 3L)
1L (Black 1L)
5L (Black 5L)
10L (Black 10L)
20L (Black 20L)
3L (Black 3L)
1L (Atmosphere/Granadine 1 L)
5L (Atmosphere/Granadine 5L)
10L (Atmosphere/Granadine 10L)
20L (Atmosphere/Granadine 20L)
3L (Atmosphere/Granadine 3L)
Product sustainability
  • PVC free
Made inTaiwan

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