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Planning something involved? The Astroman Shoes are developed by Peter Croft to be the ultimate high-end, big-day trad footwear. They allow you perform at a high level, but won't become excruciating as the hours add up. A flat shape and stiff midsole allows torqueing in cracks, ankle coverage preserves your vulnerable skin, and a lined leather footbed conforms to your foot for some welcome comfort in slots and enduro corners.

  • Split leather uppers for comfort, fit, and durability.
  • Microfiber forefoot lining and cotton heel lining prevent them from stretching or bagging out.
  • Height at ankle protects you medial and lateral malleoulus protrusions.
  • Rands are thicker over the front toe area.
  • Leather footbeds.
  • Variable thickness midsoles for sensitivity.
  • Padded achilles patch allows free articulation of the ankle and aids precise toe placement.
  • Overall flat profile with slight asymmetry for all-day comfort.

Tech specs

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A neutral shoe suits long routes and cracks. Moderate shoes allow precision and good edging. Aggressive shoes are downturned and tensioned, for power to the toe on steep or overhanging routes.


Highly asymmetric shoes allow more precision and focused power. Symmetrical shoes are more comfortable for all-around climbing.


Stiffness is provided by the type of sole and the tensioning system. Softer shoes allow more precision. Supportive shoes prevent fatigue.

Uppers Leather
Outsoles 4.2mm Trax XT-5
Lined Yes
Made in USA