Nova Craft Prospector 17 Royalex/Vinyl w/Center Seat Canoe


Nova Craft Prospector 17 Royalex/Vinyl w/Center Seat Canoe

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A classic Prospector is probably the best all-around tripping canoe ever. It holds incredible amounts of gear, tracks well on lakes, and floats through non-technical white water. A third seat and near-indestructible materials make it the canoe of choice for families who want to paddle in comfort and camp in style. Load in the cooler, the big tent, the folding furniture and and set off.

  • Hull is Royalex, an expedition-grade ABS plastic laminate with an expanded closed-cell foam core that is stiff, relatively light, and extremely rugged.
  • Gunwales are reinforced PVC vinyl, with oversized rotomoulded decks.
  • All 3 seats are nylon laced ash.
  • Centre seat is located in front of yoke towards the bow of the boat.
  • Thwarts, carrying handles and balanced yoke are all ash.
  • Nylon tie down loops on bow and stern.

Tech specs

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Hull material ABS
Trim Vinyl
Length 5.2m (17ft.)
Beam 91cm (36in.)
Centre depth

The depth of the boat at the front of the cockpit, measured from the inside bottom of the boat to the inside top.

38cm (15in.)
Bow height

The bow height is the distance from the bottom of the hull to the top of the gunwale measured at the bow of the boat.

58cm (23in.)

The rocker is the degree of upward curve along the bottom, from one end of the canoe to the other.

6.4cm (2½in.)
Load 544kg (1200lb.)
Made in Canada