Nova Craft Falcon Aramid Lite/Ash Canoe 5032-129


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Like lakes and comfortable camping? This capacious tripper is focused on flatwater performance. Plumb stems, sharp entry lines, minimal rocker, and a narrow beam let the Falcon fly straight and fast. The shallow arch provides a confidence-inspiring steady feel, especially when packed for fine wilderness living.

  • Made of Aramid Lite, which offers greater structural strength at less weight than traditional Aramid material.
  • Asymmetrical hull for speed.
  • Slight rocker for good tracking.

Tech specs

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Hull material Aramid Lite
Trim Ash
Length 4.9m (16ft.)
Beam 86cm (34in.)
Centre depth

The depth of the boat at the front of the cockpit, measured from the inside bottom of the boat to the inside top.

36cm (14in.)
Bow height

The bow height is the distance from the bottom of the hull to the top of the gunwale measured at the bow of the boat.

52cm (20½in.)
Load 454kg (1000lb.)
Made in Canada