Accent Nomad Pro Core Bent Shaft Paddle



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Meet your new creek companion. This lightweight, strong paddle was bred for high angle water, play spots, and falls. It’s got the right flex to bounce back from most rock shots, and enough stiffness to let you power around or through features.

  • Blades have foam cores for buoyancy.
  • Flat power faces for maximum torque.
  • Double ridge spines on blades for exceptional strength.
  • Natural bend shaft allows relaxed hand and arm positioning.

Tech specs

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Blade material Carbon fibre with foam core
Shaft material Carbon fibre
Blade shape

Blade shapes are designed to apply power efficiently. Short, wide: immediate power. Long, narrow: better leverage in turbulent water. Wing: channels water for maximum power and speed.

Shaft type Bent
Blade dimensions 51 x 20cm (20 x 7¾in.)
Blade angle 30°

The angle of two blades relative to one another. Parallel blade = unfeathered. Offset blades = feathered. Feathered paddles reduce wind resistance. Adjustable paddles can be adjusted left or right.

Made in USA