GSI Camp Gourmet Kitchen


GSI Camp Gourmet Kitchen

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Everything plus the kitchen sink. Multi-course feasts for the family or expedition cookery for crowds – all are easier when you have stable, standing-height surfaces for food prep and your double-burner. The dual sinks have pumping installed; add a pair of Reliance Fold-A-Carriers for clean water and waste, pressurize with a standard air mattress foot pump, and voila! Running water.

  • Steel drying/utensil rack with 10 hooks, and steel under-sink utility shelf to keep things organized.
  • Adjustable windbreak.
  • Large food-prep area.
  • 2 cutting boards fit over the sinks and can double as windscreens.
  • Wire cooking surface holds stoves, hot items, and drying dishes.
  • Additional wire cooking surfaces can be purchased, and attach in 6 positions for more prep area or stove surfaces.
  • For running water, 2 Fold-A-Carriers (1 for clean water, 1 for waste) and an air mattress foot pump are required, and are sold separately.

Tech specs

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  • Polyethylene
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
Dimensions 111.5 x 62 x 10.7cm
Made in China