G3 240 Carbon Speed TECH Probe


G3 240 Carbon Speed TECH Probe

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This light carbon probe is fast and reliable to use. The carbon fibre tubes offer excellent strength and deflection resistance.

  • Single pull SL mechanism has a lightweight cord for quick deployment.
  • Polymer pull handle resists icing and can be clipped to the probe shaft or a carabiner.
  • Speed bullet ferrules provide smooth, rapid assembly.
  • Length gives you good range without adding lots of weight.

Tech specs

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Weight 220g
Ideal for
  • Backcountry skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Mountain snowshoeing
Material Carbon fibre
Cable material

The material the cable is made of. The cable runs through the centre of the probe, and provides the tension to hold a multi-sectioned probe together when extended.

Nylon kernmantle cord
Diameter 13.2mm
Scale increments .5cm
Packed length 40cm
Extended length 248cm
Depth marking

Depth markings on the outside of the probe measure snow depth. They show how much snow is between the rescuer and the victim.

Stuff sack Yes
Made in Korea, Republic of