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Sling your camera comfortably with a padded shoulder strap. It's designed to distribute weight across your shoulder muscles, and protect your neck muscles from strain. A SpeedCinch system lets you snug the camera up to your body while in transit or in crowds where you don't want your camera hanging loosely at your side. The quick draw design allows you to grab the camera and bring it to shooting position without having to re-adjust the strap.

  • Designed for DSLR or compact system cameras.
  • Stainless-steel and aluminum mount secures camera to the strap via a ¼-20in. thumbscrew.
  • Fibreglass-reinforced hardware is strong, dependable, and lightweight.
  • Pivot ring allows you to adjust the angle of the strap to best fit across your body.
  • Greased bearing allows camera to freely rotate without becoming unscrewed from the strap, (it's wise to periodically check the tightness of the screw).
  • Soft-edged webbing contours to your body, allowing you to wear your camera wherever is most comfortable.
  • Strap can be locked into place when not shooting for extra security.
  • SpeedCinch system keeps camera close to body and secure in crowded environments.
  • Dimensions are 5 x 178cm.