Black Diamond Magnetron Vaporlock Biner


Black Diamond Magnetron Vaporlock Biner

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A revolution in auto-locking design, Magnetrons use 2 independent magnetic arms in the gate and a steel insert in the nose to lock it closed. Opening it requires 2 independent actions, making the mechanism super-secure.

  • Pear-shaped design increases friction when rappelling or lowering using ATC.
  • Vaporlock is light enough for long free routes.
  • Works for a Munter hitch on ropes up to 9.4mm.
  • Smooth gate operation, and it's not prone to freezing.
  • Snag-free keylock nose.

Tech specs

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Weight 56g
Ideal for
  • Snow and ice climbing
  • Rock climbing
  • Indoor climbing
Lock type

Auto-locking biners use a spring mechanism to close. Screwgate have a collar that you screw open or closed.

Material Aluminum alloy
Strength closed 21kN
Strength cross-loaded 8kN
Strength open 8kN
Gate opening 2cm
Snag-free nose Yes
CE certified Yes
Three sigma tested Yes
Made in USA