Black Diamond Camalot X4 Offset


Black Diamond Camalot X4 Offset

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Whether you’re working desperate tips cracks in the desert or sending big walls in Baffin, these burly low-profile cams are a welcome addition to the rack. Narrow head-width and offset lobe design provide secure placements in pin scars and other funky, non-ideal placements. With a flexible single-stem, wide expansion range and beefy holding power, these cams are perfect for stout test-pieces in the Creek, or granite classics on the Chief.

  • Armoured single cable adds durability and allows for flexible placements.
  • Symmetric swage with thumb catch provides easy handling when pumped or gripped.
  • Hot-forged trigger bar for durability and easy retrieval.
  • Narrow head width and anodized, offset lobe design provide secure hold in shallow or flaring cracks.

Tech specs

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  • 53g (.1/.2)
  • 64g (.2/.3)
  • 78g (.3/.4)
  • 86g (.4/.5)
  • 101g (.5/.75)
Ideal for Trad and aid climbing
Sling material Dyneema
Stem Single stainless steel
Axle Single
Lobes 4

The maximum force generated by a fall the equipment can withstand. The range includes all sizes.

  • 5kN (.1/.2)
  • 6kN (.2/.3)
  • 8kN (.3/.4)
  • 9kN (.4/.5)
  • 9kN (.5/.75)
  • 8.4-13.8/9.9-16.5mm (.1/.2)
  • 9.9-16.5/12.4-21.2mm (.2/.3)
  • 12.4-21.2/15.5-26.2mm (.3/.4)
  • 15.5-26.6/19.8-33.7mm (.4/.5)
  • 19.8-33.7/24-41.2mm (.5/.75)
Extendable sling No
  • Red/Yellow (.1/.2)
  • Yellow/Blue (.2/.3)
  • Blue/Grey (.3/.4)
  • Grey/Purple (.4/.5)
  • Purple/Green (.5/.75)
Three sigma tested Yes
UIAA certified Yes
CE certified Yes
Made in USA