Pro Trek PRG270 Watch - Unisex



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A smaller, smarter addition to the famous Casio® Pro-Trek tribe. More compact sensor technology increases altimeter and compass resolution while reducing power consumption by 90%. Add in a thermometer and run it all off solar energy, and you’ve got a worthy outdoor instrument in a sleek package that won’t feel like a bagel tied to your wrist.

  • Digital compass displays direction as one of 16 points with 60 seconds of continuous measurement. Also has graphic direction pointer, bidirectional and Northerly calibration, declination correction and bearing memory.
  • Altimeter measures -700m to 10,000m in 1m increments.
  • Logs high/low altitudes and auto cumulative ascent/descent (and can log up to 14 records).
  • Records relative altitude readings and lets you select the measurement interval (5 seconds or 2 seconds).
  • Barometer has a display range of 260 to 1,100 hPa with a pressure tendency graph and alarm to alert you to sudden changes.
  • Thermometer displays -10 to 60°C in 0.1°C increments.
  • Full auto LED backlight with afterglow.
  • Sunrise and sunset time for specific date and daylight pointers.
  • World time with 31 time zones (48 cities + UTC), city name display, and daylight saving on/off.
  • 5 daily alarms (4 one-time alarms and 1 snooze alarm).
  • Countdown timer and stopwatch with elapsed time, split time, and first/second place times.
  • Solar recharged battery runs approximately 9 months on full charge without further exposure to light.
  • Power saving function.

Tech specs

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Ideal for
  • Alpine climbing and mountaineering
  • Backcountry skiing
Face material

Polycarbonate is inexpensive and light, with good clarity and wear-resistance. Mineral crystal glass offers greater clarity and significantly greater wear-resistance. Sapphire crystal is better still for clarity and wear-resistance.

Mineral crystal glass
Wrist strap material Resin
IPX rating

Indicates the degree of protection against liquid. IP X1: Dripping water while in normal operating orientation; IP X4: Splashing water; IP X5: Water jets; IP X6: Powerful water jets; IP X7: Immersion up to 1m ≤ 30 minutes; IP X8: Suitable for submersion as specified by manufacturer.

Altitude alarm No
Vertical speed indicator No
Total ascent/descent Yes
Temperature compensation No
Altimeter accuracy 1m
Logging function

Devices with a logging function will track and store altitude changes over a specific period of time. This allows you to track the changes in elevation and total elevation gained or lost during a climb, hike, or ride. It also enables you to track the number of runs you do on a stellar ski day!

Daily alarms 5
Sunrise/set time Yes
Snooze Yes
Countdown timer Yes
Stopwatch Yes
Heading in degrees Yes
Bearing tracking Yes
Barometer Yes
Trend indicator Yes
Temperature Yes
Storm alarm Yes
Replaceable batteries Yes
Water-resistant 100m
Electronic compass

An electronic compass allows the user to view their heading in situations where they are either standing still or moving too slowly for the GPS to detect.

Metric/imperial units format Yes
Heart rate monitor No
Interval training No
Button lock No
Batteries Rechargeable battery pack (non-removable)
Haptic feedback No
Altimeter Yes
Max split time 3
Replaceable wrist strap Yes
ANT+ compatible

Ensures seamless digital wireless communication between ANT+ devices. For example, data from an ultra-low power wireless sensor can be displayed on a bike computer or smartphone, then downloaded to a PC, etc.

Chest strap Not compatible
Made in Thailand