Casio Mobile Link Runner - Unisex


Casio Mobile Link Runner - Unisex

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Keep in touch while you’re keeping fit. Pair this sports watch with your iOS device to receive audible or vibration alerts of incoming calls (complete with caller ID), e-mails, texts and calendar events. It also delivers push notifications from many third-party Apps. To save weight and bulk, the Link Runner piggybacks on your phone’s GPS to display GPS-related fitness metrics including running pace and distance. That Bluetooth connection also lets you switch up your motivational tunes without hauling out your phone. You can even trigger an alert on your misplaced phone, for more running and less digging down the back of the sofa.

  • Compatible with iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s (iOS 7), running Bluetooth 4.0.
  • Requires installation of app in phone. Supported apps currently include Runmeter GPS, Walkmeter GPS, Cyclemeter GPS, Wahoo Fitness, Casio Watch +, Runtastic, MapMyRun, MapMyWalk, MapMyRide, MapMyHike, MapMyFitness, with more added regularly.
  • Stand-alone watch functions include: world time with 100 cities and 35 time zones, plus Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), 5 daily alarms, hourly time signal, stopwatch, lap time, split time with up to 120 records, and countdown timer.
  • Adjustable LED backlight with Super Illuminator and afterglow.
  • Low battery warning and power-saving function.
  • Mobile Link turns off automatically after a fixed amount of time to save power.
  • CR2032 battery. Approximate battery life is 2 years with Mobile link used 12 hours per day.

Tech specs

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Ideal for
  • Fitness and training
  • Running
Date display Yes
Face material

Polycarbonate is inexpensive and light, with good clarity and wear-resistance. Mineral crystal glass offers greater clarity and significantly greater wear-resistance. Sapphire crystal is better still for clarity and wear-resistance.

Wrist strap material Resin
IPX rating

Indicates the degree of protection against liquid. IP X1: Dripping water while in normal operating orientation; IP X4: Splashing water; IP X5: Water jets; IP X6: Powerful water jets; IP X7: Immersion up to 1m ≤ 30 minutes; IP X8: Suitable for submersion as specified by manufacturer.

Logging function

Devices with a logging function will track and store altitude changes over a specific period of time. This allows you to track the changes in elevation and total elevation gained or lost during a climb, hike, or ride. It also enables you to track the number of runs you do on a stellar ski day!

Daily alarms 5
Sunrise/set time No
Snooze Yes
Countdown timer Yes
Stopwatch Yes
Temperature No
Replaceable batteries Yes
Water-resistant 100m
Batteries 1 lithium CR2032 (included)
Haptic feedback Yes
12/24 hour format Yes
Max split time 120
Replaceable wrist strap Yes
Illumination Backlight
Interval training Yes
Button lock No
Made in Taiwan