Petzl Cirro Crashpad


Petzl Cirro Crashpad

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Richly padded and scrupulously detailed, this pad is robust, easy to carry and load with stuff. Plus it doubles as a lounge area. The outer shell has a zipper almost all the way around so it's easy to dump your gear inside and not worry about it falling out. Then when you get to the climbing area, unzip the outer shell and use it to cover the shoulder and waist straps to keep them clean and out of the way. For quick carries between boulders, there's a clip to hold the pad closed and a low profile shoulder strap.

  • 2 layers of closed cell foam of different densities are welded together, with a thicker layer of open cell foam underneath.
  • Hingeless taco design preserves the foam as it doesn't create a crease.
  • Wide, low-profile shoulder straps and waistbelt are comfortable when you're carrying the pad.
  • Zippered flap closure covers the carrying straps for protection and creates storage space.
  • Handy carrying clip and shoulder strap can be used for short carries.

Tech specs

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Ideal for Bouldering

High compression foam disperses impact, low compressions foam absorbs it.

High compression + low compression foam
Folded Shape

Sandwich = hinged design. Taco = unhinged, folds in half. Burrito = unhinged, two or more folds.

Folded dimensions 118 x 75 x 35cm
Dimensions 148 x 118 x 12.5cm
Pocket(s) Yes
Shoulder straps Yes
Waistbelt Yes
Number of handles 3
Made in France