Ortovox S1+ Transceiver



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The S1+ is a professional-grade beacon with powerful and intellegent search features. The display screen uses icons to clearly indicate locations for multiple signals and provides unmistakable search instructions. This, combined with intuitive audio feedback, guides you quickly to them. Located beacons can be flagged to allow searching for others, and the display allows several rescuers to coordinate a parallel team search.

  • Backlit display has configurable contrast settings to adjust to sunlight.
  • When the device is turned it defaults to send mode, opening the case switches it to search.
  • Search mode reverts to send if no movement is detected for 60 or 100 seconds, for protection against secondary avalanches.
  • Smart antenna system analyzes orientation and optimimizes transmission to increase detectable range by up to 43%.
  • Deep burial mode and pro-mode can be used in complex scenarios of than 4 signals.
  • Inclinometer shows slope angle.
  • Self-test and partner check functions.
  • Device software is updateable.
  • Includes a Recco reflector that ski patrol and mountain rescue teams can detect and locate under snow.
  • Bag and hand loop included.
  • Dimensions are 12 x 8 x 3cm.

Tech specs

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Ideal for
  • Backcountry skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Mountain snowshoeing
Type Digital beacon
Burial direction indicator Body on grid
Buried transmitter display 1, 2, 3 victims
Mark function Mark and unmark
Auto-revert to transmit Yes
Search strip width 50m
Receiving antennas 3
Dimensions 7.9 x 3.1 x 12.3cm
Earphone compatible No
Batteries 2 AA (included)
Multiple burial modes Yes
Made in Germany