G3 Ion Binding with Brakes - Unisex



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Power up, charge, descend. Big, wide jaws at the toe (33% wider than your traditional tech bindings) transfer power to your edges. A torsionally rigid, fluid design absorbs shock and keeps your skis from getting squirrelly. Simple and intuitive, with boot stops that guide your toe, so you can make transitions easily and swiftly even on gnarly ground.

  • Wide toe jaws and forward pressure maintain consistent release values through compression and through landing.
  • Boot stops guide your boot toe into position for quick safe transitions in gnarly terrain.
  • QuickFlick heel lifts are grabbable with a ski pole.
  • Snow clearing channels prevent build up and icing.
  • Powerful brakes are full retracting and spring loaded.
  • Easy mounting and adjustment (no heel spacers needed) of more than 2 mondo points of adjustability (22mm) of length adjustment.

Tech specs

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Ideal for Alpine touring
Release setting

The release setting determines how easily the binding will release the ski boot from the ski is the skier falls.

Maximum compatible brake 130mm
Crampon compatible Yes
Brake compatible Yes
Mode change without exit

Enables you to go from touring to descent mode without removing your skis.

Tour to ski only
Made in Canada