BioLite BaseCamp Grill



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A group-sized version of BioLite’s super-efficient woodstove/USB charger. The BioLite BaseCamp is bigger than the CampStove and improved in many other ways. A side-loading fuel chamber lets you add wood without taking your pot off the flame. The dual-purpose cooking surface adjusts from boiling to grilling with a flame spreading lever. The internal battery runs the fan and banks power for future use when you’re not charging devices. An LED dashboard helps you adjust the fire for the best charging efficiency for phones or other USB-chargeable device. Consider it essential gear for any well-appointed basecamp or bugout location.

  • Made of stainless steel, cast iron, and high-temperature plastic.
  • Recharges most USB-chargeable devices, including smartphones.
  • Maximum output is 5W at 5V.
  • Charge times vary with strength of fire. Guidelines, based on a strong fire, are 30 minutes of charging = 5 hours talk time, or 5 hours video, or 20 hours of audio on a typical smartphone.
  • Internal 2200mAh Lithium-Ion battery powers a fan for maximum fuel burning efficiency and stores surplus generated electricity for future use.
  • Cooking area is 1384 cm², big enough for 8 burgers.
  • Flexible plug-in task light helps you see what you're doing.
  • Fuel rack holds sticks up to 50cm long for easier fire feeding.
  • 20cm fold-out legs let you adjust the work surface height and keep the unit off the ground in sensitive environments.
  • Slide-out ash tray makes for easier clean-ups.

Tech specs

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Ideal for Car camping
Simmers Yes
Burner components Stainless steel

Stoves are designed to burn specific fuels. All stoves should only be used with recommended fuels to prevent damage.

Dimensions 53 x 30 x 58cm
Fuel pump

Liquid fuel stoves require a fuel pump to pressurize the fuel tank.

Heat reflector

Heat reflectors are placed under the burner and reflect heat back up towards the cooking pot. This helps save fuel and speed cooking time.

Windscreen Yes
Pot included No
Piezo ignition No
Made in China