Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener 2.2.1.


Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener 2.2.1.

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Little V-sharpeners are OK for temporary touch-ups, but this kit provides complete multi-stage sharpening for your straight or serrated blade. And it's compact enough to bring in the field.

  • Surfaces include coarse and fine diamond plates, large ceramic rod with coarse, fine and fishhook groove positions, small ceramic rod, and a leather strop conditioned with micro-abrasive.
  • Preset angles let you achieve a perfect freehand edge.
  • Diamond plates are held in place with magnets and remove for use outside the Sharpener.
  • Includes broad-head wrench tool and user's guide.

Tech specs

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Weight 135g
Ideal for Camping and hiking
Abrasive level
  • Medium
  • Fine
  • Extra fine
  • Extra coarse
  • Coarse
Abrasive medium
  • Leather
  • Diamond
  • Ceramic
Dimensions 17.5 x 3.5cm
Made in USA