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Get instant, precise shifting with no lag. Exact Actuation indexing is easy to set up and stays in tune. Built-in ball bearings ensure zero loss travel, so shifting up or down happens instantly.

  • Reduce weight and clutter on your handlebars. MatchMaker compatible system holds AVID levers, SRAM triggers and RockShox PushLoc controls in one tidy, light clamp.
  • Pull lever ball bearing technology is the same as used in XX and XO shifters.
  • 1:1 actuation: the derailleur the same amount that the cable is pulled, precision shifting in any conditions.

Tech specs

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Combination brake/shifter – shifts when all, or part, of the lever is moved laterally; Grip – shifts via twisting a component of the grip; Lever – shifts when lever is physically adjusted either forward or backwards; Trigger – shifts when small button or trigger is pressed.

Speed 10-speed
Optical gear display No
Two-way release

Allows the user to shift down quickly by either pushing or pulling the trigger.

Made in Taiwan