Lendal Cadence Fibreglass MCS Paddle


Lendal Cadence Fibreglass MCS Paddle

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A carbon-glass shaft paired with fibreglass blades gives the Cadence a pleasant swing weight and great return on each stroke. It can take you from your first strokes to advanced paddling, with a quick learning curve.

  • Lendal modified crank shaft reduces wrist flex during forward strokes for less strain and fatigue and more comfort and control.
  • Oval grip sections allow a natural hand shape, full control and no-look set-up for braces and rolls.
  • Lendal key lock ferrule system delivers the feel and security of a one piece paddle. It allows easy disassembly and quick feather adjustment up to 60 degrees.

Tech specs

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Ideal for Kayak touring
Blade material Fibreglass
Shaft material Fibreglass/carbon blend
Shaft type Bent
Blade dimensions 50 x 17cm (19¾ x 6¾in.)
Blade angle 0° to 60° (15° increments)

The angle of two blades relative to one another. Parallel blade = unfeathered. Offset blades = feathered. Feathered paddles reduce wind resistance. Adjustable paddles can be adjusted left or right.

Made in USA