Atlas Endeavor Snowshoes - Men's

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Packable snowshoes for all-terrain versatility and satisfying performance in soft snow. The suspension system allows the bindings, crampons and frame to articulate independently, so the shoe conforms to to the micro-terrain under your foot. Springs keep the platform close to your foot to keep your stride natural and fore and aft and side to side. PackFlat bindings ensure optimal packability when the descent involves skis or a board.

  • PVC-free composite used in the reck deck.
  • Spring loaded suspension suspends it close underfoot for a comfortable, natural stride.
  • Articulating Reactiv-Trac construction with composite V-Frame is stable and confidence-inspiring on uneven terrain.
  • Holey-1 stainless steel toe crampon provides traction in hardpacked or icy conditions.
  • PackFlat binding features a single Z-strap, so it packs flat and compact.
  • Heel lift bar for steep aproaches.
  • 24 size have a surface area of 158 square inches, load is 100-180lb. weight is 1.84kg.
  • 28 size have a surface area of 198 square inches, load is 135-220lb. weight is 2.03kg.

Tech specs

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Ideal for General snowshoeing
  • 24in.
  • 28in.
Max recommended load
  • 100-180 lb. (24 in.)lb.
  • 135-220 lb. (28 in.)lb.
Heel lift

Indicates if the snowshoe has a heel lift or not. Heel lifts reduce calf strain on uphill climbs.

Made in China