Fischer CRS Crown NIS Skis - Unisex


Fischer CRS Crown NIS Skis - Unisex

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Easy handling skis with race-type construction for training, loppet races and general speed-loving fun. They’re a great performance ski that adapts to all conditions.

  • Air core basalite technology provides lightness, torsion-free construction and highly stable sidewalls.
  • Volcanic basalt fibres reduce the weight even further, while providing excellent flex characteristics.
  • Camber pocket collapses uniformly for grip and instantly releases for glide.
  • Power edge design strengthens the edges, protects against wear on the sidewalls, and promotes even wax wear.

Tech specs

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Weight 1.31kg (197cm)
Ideal for
  • Fitness classic skiing
  • Classic ski racing

Sandwich and combination construction is generally used for big freeride-style skis while the lighter structural cap type of construction is more commonly found on cross-country skis.

Structural cap
Core Air Core Basalight
Dimension (all lengths) 41-44-44mm
  • 182cm
  • 187cm
  • 192cm
  • 197cm
  • 202cm
  • 207cm
User weight range

A good starting point for selecting ski or snowboard length. You might choose a shorter or longer length based on terrain and ability.

  • 0-59kg (182cm)
  • 50-64kg (187cm)
  • 55-69kg (192cm)
  • 60-74kg (197cm)
  • 65-74kg (202cm)
  • 70-80+kg (207cm)

Often called "fish scale" skis, waxless skis are designed so you don't need to apply kick wax. However, you may still want to apply glide wax for a better glide. They are a good option for those who don't like waxing, or for regions where temperatures can vary greatly throughout the day.

Metal edge No
Made in Ukraine