Siva Cycle Atom USB Bicycle Generator


Siva Cycle Atom USB Bicycle Generator

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Forget the days when a bike generator felt like an anchor. Attached to your rear axle (no tools required) the wheel spin engages the generator to efficiently produce current to charge your phone, light, or tablet. Power is stored in the removable lithium battery, so if you need power on the go, plug your device into the battery while riding, and store your phone in your saddle bag, jersey pocket, or under your seat. The best part? The Atom weighs about the same as a banana, and has a no effect upon pedaling efficiency and speed.

  • 1650mAh lithium polymer battery can also be charged by other means and treated like a powerbank.
  • Charge rate is 5V @ 800mA.
  • Simple design consists of 3 moving parts for minimal fuss.
  • Tool free setup, works with bikes equipped with fenders, racks, or panniers.
  • Some bike frames, disc brakes and coaster brakes are not compatible with the Atom. If you're unsure whether your ride is compatible, check with an MEC mechanic.