BioLite CampStove with FlexLight



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Let there be light (and good eats). Combining a FlexLight with the versatile BioLite stove, this camp-ready setup provides light for whipping up backcountry meals. This efficient woodstove recharges your phone, camera, and other small USB-compatible devices. Via a thermocouple, heat from the flames converts to electricity and loads an internal battery to top up your gadgets. It also powers a 2-speed fan, running a stove so lean and mean that less than 60 grams of dry wood boils 1L of water in under 5 minutes. The stove burns twigs, pinecones, wood pellets, and other biomass.

  • Stove is made of stainless steel, aluminum and plastic.
  • Maximum continuous power output for USB is 2W at 5V. Peak is 4W at 5V.
  • Charging times vary depending on the device and fire strength. For reference, 20 minutes of charge time typically powers an iPhone® 4S for 60 minutes of talk time.
  • Internal fan with 2 settings is powered by rechargeable battery.
  • Pot weight limit is 3.75L.
  • Includes CampStove and FlexLight, fire-lighter, instructions, stuff sack, and USB cord for internal battery charging.
  • Battery requires initial charging via USB and recharging if the stove is not used for 6 months.
  • FlexLight features dimmer switch.
  • FlexLight uses 1.25 watts, CampStove will continue to charge its internal battery while the light is in use.
  • Flexlight does not have a USB pass-through for charging.

Tech specs

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Ideal for
  • Car camping
  • Backpacking
Burner components Stainless steel

Stoves are designed to burn specific fuels. All stoves should only be used with recommended fuels to prevent damage.

Simmers Yes
Boil time

The average time it takes to boil 1L of water. Wind, air temperature and elevation will affect boil time in the field.

4.5 min
Dimensions 12.7 x 21.5cm
Heat reflector

Heat reflectors are placed under the burner and reflect heat back up towards the cooking pot. This helps save fuel and speed cooking time.

Pot included No
Piezo ignition No
Fuel pump

Liquid fuel stoves require a fuel pump to pressurize the fuel tank.

Windscreen Yes
Made in China