P &H Delphin 155 Kayak with skeg


P &H Delphin 155 Kayak with skeg

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A seriously re-thought day tripper, with cargo capacity for light overnights. The Delphin tracks like a touring craft on the flat, yet spins like a whitewater boat when you’re dodging through tide races and over falls. The bow resurfaces quickly to punch through waves on the way out and resist pearling on the way in.

  • Made of CoreLite3 triple-layer plastic for increased stiffness and durability.
  • Comes with fore and aft cargo hatches, and 2 small hatches in front and back of the cockpit for easy access.
  • Low back deck lets you lie back easily if a roll is required.
  • Skeg helps with tracking and can be stowed away for a more playful ride.
  • Full perimeter deck lines.

Tech specs

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Ideal for
  • Ocean play kayaking
  • Light kayak touring
Hull material Three-layer roto-moulded plastic
Length 4.8m (15ft. 9in.)
Beam 57cm (22½in.)
Internal cockpit dimensions 81 x 42cm (32 x 16½in.)
Load 65-125kg (143-275lb.)

The overall volume capacity of a boat or the total board displacement in litres.

267L (71gal.)
Made in United Kingdom