Cassin X-Gyro Ice Tool Leash



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Don't drop your tools when high on the route. These elastic umbilical leashes rotate independently on the innovative Gyro swivel, so they don't get twisted or tangled as you climb. Attach to your harness and to your tools with either the cord loops girth hitched to the tool shafts or spikes, or use the Nano biners to create a detachable system.

  • Swivels use 3 independent connections to prevent twisting.
  • Elastic expands and contracts to stay out of the way.
  • Includes 2 small biners to detach and re-attach quickly.
  • Small is 68-112cm. Large is 91-150cm.
  • Not designed to catch falls or support your weight when hanging.

Tech specs

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Ideal for Ice climbing
Made in Italy