Seattle Sports PVC Free Solar Shower 18L


Seattle Sports PVC Free Solar Shower 18L

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Throw a hot shower in the middle of week-long tour and you become a human again. Fill the reservoir with fresh water and put it in the sun. Once warm, indulge in 11 minutes, 45 seconds of continuous showering. The push-pull nozzle allows you to stop the flow if you feel like sharing this wondrous device with others.

  • Made of PVC-free materials, bask in warm water and ecological peace of mind.
  • Tough urethane tube isn't prone to kinking.
  • Tear drop shape concentrates the flow, and the wide mouth makes cleaning, filling and drying easy.
  • Secure slide-lock bar closes the port and works as a carry handle.
  • Reflective printing allows you to find your shower at night.
  • Dimensions are 60 x 42cm.
  • Capacity is 18L.

Tech specs

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Weight 226g
Ideal for Camping and hiking
Volume 18L
Made in China