SOL Phoenix Survival Tool


SOL Phoenix Survival Tool

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Pack it in your emergency kit or take it with anywhere. This compact little survival kit has a sturdy knife and survival essentials for starting a fire and signaling for help.

  • Serrated and straight edge fixed blade knife.
  • Handle made of tough ABS plastic and 30% glass fibre.
  • Includes a 3-7mm wrench, fathead screwdriver and bottle opener.
  • Retractable flint rod, striker and tinder box that holds 2 Tinder Quik.
  • LED light.
  • Pealess whistle.

Tech specs

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Ideal for Emergency preparedness
Knife Yes
Fishing weights No
Fish hooks No
Compass No
Duct tape No
Fishing line No
Magnifying lens No
Heavy duty foil No
Matches No
Wire No
Tinder Yes
Whistle Yes
Light Yes
Thread No
Waterproof paper No
Signal mirror No
Pencil No
Survival tips No
Flint Yes
Sterile disposable scalpel No
Needle No
Cord No
Saw No
Made in China