Garmin Vivosmart HR Activity Tracker - Unisex


Garmin Vivosmart HR Activity Tracker - Unisex

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Keep tabs on your heartrate without needing a chest strap – this fitness tracker and smartwatch has HR sensors built right in. It’s also Bluetooth Smart compatible to sync up with your phone. A discrete vibration alert indicates an hour of inactivity, incoming texts, emails or calls. Just touch and swipe the screen to display more info, along with stats like total steps taken, distance travelled or calories burned. Once the Vivosmart learns your current activity level, it creates daily goals and gradually adjusts them upward as you reach milestones. Wear it 24/7 to track your stats, monitor your sleep, and prompt you to move if you’ve been sitting still for too long. Via the Garmin Connect software, you can see your progress and compete with your friends.

  • On-device data includes daily step count, goal countdown, inactivity timer, distance, calories, and time and date.
  • Optical heartrate sensors measure changes in blood volume under the skin, and work best when worn snugly, 1 to 3 finger-widths above your wrist bone.
  • 24/7 heartrate recording measures continual resting HR, average resting HR and accurate HR during motion-intense activities.
  • Counts flights of stairs with internal barometer data that’s combined with your step data.
  • Bluetooth Smart connectivity.
  • Compatible with all smartphones featuring Bluetooth 4.0 (iPhone 4s or higher, and Android 4.3 or higher).
  • Can automatically sync your data to Garmin Connect, a free online fitness community.
  • Rebroadcast of your HR over ANT+ (so other devices can pick it up). Does not connect to ANT+ cycling sensors or external ANT+ HR strap.
  • Stores up to 3 weeks of 24/7 activity data on device between syncs, or up to 2 weeks if a heart rate monitor is used 1 hour per day.
  • Water resistant to 50m.
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts up to 5 days.
  • Includes Vivosmart, charging/data clip and documentation.
  • Regular fits wrist sizes 136-187mm. Extra-large fits wrist sizes 180-224mm.

Tech specs

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Weight 28g (Regular)
Ideal for Running, fitness and training
Date display Yes
Face material

Polycarbonate is inexpensive and light, with good clarity and wear-resistance. Mineral crystal glass offers greater clarity and significantly greater wear-resistance. Sapphire crystal is better still for clarity and wear-resistance.

Wrist strap material Rubber
IPX rating

Indicates the degree of protection against liquid. IP X1: Dripping water while in normal operating orientation; IP X4: Splashing water; IP X5: Water jets; IP X6: Powerful water jets; IP X7: Immersion up to 1m ≤ 30 minutes; IP X8: Suitable for submersion as specified by manufacturer.

Daily alarms 1
Snooze No
Countdown timer No
Stopwatch No
Replaceable batteries No
Water-resistant 50m
12/24 hour format Yes
Metric/imperial units format Yes
Interface USB and Wireless
Low battery warning Yes
Calorie consumption

Calculated based on data from a heart rate monitor.

Foot pod

Attaches to your shoe, captures your running data (i.e., pace, distance), and transmits it to your heart rate monitor or GPS.

Not compatible
Programmable workouts

Want an easy jog? A fast-paced ride? A workout with lots of variety to keep you on your toes? With programmable workouts you can tailor your training to match whatever you are looking for on a particular day.

Heart rate monitor Yes
Touch screen Yes
Heart rate target zones

Displays heart rate zones during activity.

Coded signal

A coded instrument ensures no interference between your chest strap and your watch, necessary if you are training in busy gyms or trails where other signals may be encountered.

Workout history Yes
Wireless sync Yes
Interval training No
Button lock No
Bluetooth Yes
Batteries Lithium-ion (included)
Haptic feedback Yes
Virtual partner

Allows user to monitor training goals with either a virtual partner or alarms.

Heart rate in real time

Displays beats per minute during activity.

Replaceable wrist strap Yes
Calories in real time

Displays calorie expenditure during activity, based on heart rate monitor data.

Speed/cadence sensor

Monitors pedalling cadence and measures pedalling strokes per minute.

Not compatible
ANT+ compatible

Ensures seamless digital wireless communication between ANT+ devices. For example, data from an ultra-low power wireless sensor can be displayed on a bike computer or smartphone, then downloaded to a PC, etc.

Battery life 120 h
Chest strap Not compatible
Made in Taiwan