Atlas Serrate Elektra Snowshoes - Women's



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Atlas' most aggressive snowshoes designed for mountaineering or off-trail snowshoeing on steep and icy slopes. When you choose these, you choose solid, rugged traction and a precise fit.

  • Frames are made of 7075 aluminum.
  • Tubing is a mix of cylindrical and elliptical profiles to increase strength where the frame bears the greatest load.
  • Nytex decking resists abrasion, withstands cold temperatures and sheds snow.
  • Spring-loaded suspension holds them close underfoot to move freely, absorb impact, flex naturally and lets crampons dig in deep.
  • Zodiac toe crampons have sharp end-points for traction.
  • StabilLock Rear Traction optimizes weight distribution and provides good bite going downhill.
  • Wrapp Pro bindings are scaled for women's feet.
  • Silicone straps on bindings glide through low-friction buckles with a smooth buckle release.
  • Heel lifts for comfort and efficiency when going uphill.
  • Frames are shaped for the biomechanics of a woman’s natural gait, and have a narrower nose for a comfortable stride.

Tech specs

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Ideal for Mountain snowshoeing
Heel lift

Indicates if the snowshoe has a heel lift or not. Heel lifts reduce calf strain on uphill climbs.

Made in China