Backroad Mapbooks New Brunswick GPS Map SD


Backroad Mapbooks New Brunswick GPS Map SD

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Comprehensive and detailed maps for your Garmin® GPS. This microSD card is packed with details, and has everything from routable industry roads to 1000s of searchable points of interest. Covers cities and parks across New Brunswick. Get ready to explore.

  • Map scale is 1:10,000 to 1:50,000 scale topo maps.
  • Detailed shaded relief.
  • 3D perspective on select Garmin GPS units and Basecamp™.
  • 10,000 base scale topographic maps (20,000 scale north of 46°).
  • Routable resource and industry roads, with the most complete resource, industry and bush road coverage available for New Brunswick.
  • Roads are classified to help you know what ones are car-friendly and what ones need 4-wheel drive.
  • Tens of thousands of kilometres of trail systems, including defined multi-use trails.
  • National, provincial and private parks and campsites.
  • Paddling access points, and lake and stream fishing information with boat launches.
  • Tens of thousands of searchable cities and geographic land and water features.
  • All standard Garmin GPS map features such as seamless topographic maps, ‘find’ tool to locate nearby city, city navigation and more.

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Ideal for Camping and hiking
Made in Canada