8BPlus Rocco Bouldering Chalk Pot



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An appropriately size chalk pot, because as you know, sharing is caring. The sizeable 22cm opening has room for more than one pair of hands. The wide base isn't prone to tipping, and keeps the chalk there in the pot. Slide a guidebook or other heavy object in the base pocket, and it should stay upright through the occasional kick too.

  • Tough ripstop fabric on the outside, soft pile lining inside.
  • Closes right in the centre of the opening
  • 4 brush holders and 3 pockets.
  • Stiff rim with 22cm access makes for easy chalking.
  • Constructed with stability in mind, the wide base will help prevent chalk spills.

Tech specs

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Ideal for Bouldering
Main fabric Fleece
Lining Fleece
Belt included No
Brush holder Yes
Stash pocket Yes
Made in China