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Polar M430 Running Watch - Unisex


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Optimized for running, the M430 teams up with your phone for a personalized training experience. Equipped with Polar’s 6-LED optical heartrate monitor, you get information straight off your wrist, no need for a finicky chest strap. Internal GPS provides speed and distance info, while an accelerometer adds pace to the equation. Polar’s Running Index helps you run smarter, not harder. After each run, you get a score to help improve your running efficiency. The free Flow app lets you customize up to 20 different activity profiles, set heartrate zones, and adjust your watch’s settings from your phone. Get instant digital bragging rights with smooth fitness app integration: when you finish your workout, stats are directly uploaded. 24/7 activity tracking keeps an eye on your day to day movements. Smart notifications keep you connected, giving you a subtle vibratory nudge when the digital world needs your attention. And the Sleep Plus mode helps you keep track of your sleeping patterns, a better sleep, means a faster recovery.

  • Optical heart rate monitor uses 6 LEDs for a strong, accurate signal, without a chest strap
  • Optical heartrate sensors measure changes in blood volume under the skin, and work best when worn snugly, 1 to 3 finger-widths above your wrist bone
  • Sensor lets you run fitness tests, like VO2 max, and record heartrate while swimming; something most competitors cannot do without a chest strap
  • Internal accelerometer complements the GPS to ensure accurate speed, distance and pace data
  • Accelerometer data used for speed and distance information on treadmills
  • Vibration alert so you wont miss a milestone, or text, because your music is too loud. Note, there are no audible alerts
  • Polar Flow web service and app lets you monitor training and analyze your progress on watch, compatible smart device, or web interface
  • Flow app connects to most popular platforms, Strava, TrainingPeaks, MyFitnessPal and Apple Health
  • Polar Flow web interface lets you create structured workouts and download training plans
  • Activity Benefit function gives feedback about daily, weekly and monthly activities
  • Training Benefit mode gives you feedback about your most recent workout right after the session
  • 24/7 activity tracking can be turned on or off. Tracks steps, calories and sleep time, with notifications when you've been inactive for extended periods and options for hitting your desired activity levels
  • AssistNow Offline service helps get a fast satellite fix. A-GPS data predicts positions of GPS satellites, yielding a fast and accurate fix that automatically updates your M430 when you sync it using FlowSync software
  • Bluetooth Smart communication means you can use any Bluetooth Smart chest strap, and a variety of other pods
  • Customizable watch faces, let your dial match your style
  • Compatible with iPhone 4s or higher, and Android 4.3 or higher, with Bluetooth 4.0
  • Water resistant to 30m
  • Includes M430 training computer, USB (type A male) charging cable, and Getting Started Guide

Tech specs

Weight51g (Grey)
51g (White)
51g (Orange+)
51g (Black)
Ideal for
  • Running
  • Fitness and training
Wrist strap materialResin
Built-in memory8MB
Data cardNot accepted
Touch screenNo
Interval trainingYes
BatteriesLi-polymer (included)
Distance/time alarmYes
Battery life8-30 h
Wireless syncYes
Metric/imperial units formatYes
  • USB
  • Wireless
Button lockYes
12/24 hour formatYes
Battery power indicatorYes
Low battery warningYes
Not compatible
Workout historyYes
Replaceable wrist strapYes
Not compatible
Tide tablesNo
  • Polar Flow
  • Third party apps
Sold separately
Chest strapSold separately
Area calculationNo
Heart rate monitorYes
Haptic feedbackYes
Made inChina

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