Pyranha Octane Kayak



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Because going fast is fun, this open water surf-ski is built for speed. The shape is totally race-worthy, but unlike a fragile composite boat, you can run a polyethylene hull up on the beach or surf into a rock garden without stressing about it. With a 20-inch beam, there's enough stability to welcome intermediate and to encourage advanced paddlers to venture into rougher water. Chines running from mid hull back to the stern help the boat carve and surf in ocean waves. The deep cockpit gives you control, and the innovative cockpit bailing system allows you to drain water by flipping a heel-activated switch. Ergonomic cutaways on deck allow your blade to enter the water close to the hull for a smooth, efficient stroke.

  • Long waterline with sharp bow entry creates an exceptionally fast, straight-tracking hull with great glide between strokes.
  • 20-inch beam is accessible to intermediate paddlers, and suits rougher water outings by advanced paddlers.
  • Chines from mid-hull to stern improve carving performance when surfing open water swells.
  • Rockered stern for quick turns between waves.
  • Ergonomic cutaways forward of cockpit for optimum paddle placement at the beginning of a stroke.
  • Deep cockpit well provides control and a dry ride.
  • Heel-activated, self-bailing switch empties the boat without interrupting your paddling.
  • Rear deck bungees let you stash a coat or rig a paddle float rescue.
  • Small forward hatch and large rear hatch provide gear storage for full days, and are kept watertight by Kajaksport© rubber hatches.
  • Ocean fin rudder provides efficient directional control without cluttering the deck.

Tech specs

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Ideal for
  • Ocean play kayaking
  • Light kayak touring
Hull material HDPE (High-density polyethylene)
Made in United Kingdom