Park Tool PK-3 Professional Tool Kit 5058-878


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Turn almost any location into a bike shop with the PK-3 Professional Tool Kit (talent not included). It includes everything you need to keep all the bikes around you in smooth working order.

  • ATD-1.2 Adjustable torque driver
  • AWS-1 Three-way hex wrench Set: 4, 5, 6mm
  • AWS-3 Three-way hex wrench Set: 2, 2.5, 3mm
  • BBT-5/FR-11 Bottom bracket/cassette lockring tool for Campagnolo® (12-tooth)
  • BBT-9 Bottom bracket tool for 16-notch external bearing cups
  • BBT-32 Bottom bracket tool for 20-notch Shimano® and ISIS® drive
  • BCB-4.2 Bike cleaning brush set
  • BO-2 Bottle opener
  • CBW-1 Open end wrench: 8/10mm
  • CBW-4 Open end wrench: 9/11mm
  • CC-3.2 Chain checker — instructions
  • CCP-22 Crank puller for square taper cranks
  • CCP-44 Crank puller for splined cranks
  • CM-5.2 Cyclone™ chain scrubber
  • CN-10 Professional cable and housing cutter
  • CNW-2 Chainring nut wrench
  • CP-1 Chain whip pliers
  • CT-3.2 Chain tool
  • DAG-2.2 Derailleur hanger alignment gauge
  • DCW-1 Double-ended cone wrench: 13/14mm
  • DCW-2 Double-ended cone wrench: 15/16mm
  • DCW-3 Double-ended cone wrench: 17/18mm
  • DH-1 Dummy hub
  • DP-2 Threaded dummy pedal
  • FR-5.2 Cassette lockring tool: Shimano®, SRAM®, Sun Race®
  • GP-2 Pre-glued super patch kit
  • HCW-15 36mm/32mm headset wrench
  • HMR-8 Shop hammer
  • HT-8 8mm Hex tool
  • MLP-1.2 Master link pliers
  • NP-6 Needle-nose pliers
  • OBW-4 Offset brake wrench
  • OM-1 Overhaul mat
  • PAW-12 12in. Adjustable wrench
  • PH-1.2 P-handle hex wrench set
  • PW-4 Professional pedal wrench
  • RR-12 Tape measure
  • SBC-1 Spoke, Bbearing and cotter gauge
  • SCW-13 13mm Shop cone wrench
  • SCW-14 14mm Shop cone wrench
  • SCW-15 15mm Shop cone wrench
  • SCW-16 16mm Shop cone wrench
  • SCW-17 17mm Shop cone wrench
  • SCW-18 18mm Shop cone wrench
  • SCW-19 19mm Shop cone wrench
  • SD-SET Shop screwdrivers (set of 4)
  • SP-7 Side cutter pliers
  • SW-0 Precision spoke wrench: .127in.
  • SW-1 Precision spoke wrench: .130in.
  • SW-2 Precision spoke wrench: .136in.
  • SZR-1 Shop scissors
  • TB-2 Emergency tire boots
  • TL-1.2 Tire lever set
  • TL-4.2 Tire lever set
  • TWS-1 Torx® compatible wrench set

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Ideal for Bike maintenance
Made in USA