BioLite Holiday Solar Lighting Kit


BioLite Holiday Solar Lighting Kit

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Juice your off-grid adventures and weekends away, with 3 of Biolite’s most popular products. Connect the BaseLantern to the SolarPanel 5+ and use the sun’s energy to charge both internal batteries. Once the sun dips below the horizon, the BaseLantern’s powerful 500 lumen light and the SiteLight Mini’s 4 string lights (each capable of putting out 38 lumens) supply lighting for a cabin or campsite. The batteries in both the solar panel and lantern can keep phones or any USB-powered device up and running when you don't have access to outlets.

  • BaseLantern has white and RGB LEDs provide warmth light and thousands of colour options.
  • BaseLantern’s stainless steel housing dissipates heat and boosts toughness.
  • Up to 652 lumens of dark-destroying light, 500 from the BaseLantern and an additional 152 from the SiteLight’s.
  • LED power indicators show charging progress and battery status on the BaseLantern and the SolarPanel 5+.
  • 2 USB ports on the BaseLantern and 1 on the SolarPanel 5+ for juicing other devices.
  • BaseLantern has 2 SiteLights ports for powering the SiteLight Mini.
  • Dimmable light lets you dial in brightness.
  • Free app gives you control the BaseLantern from your smartphone, access to timers, proximity activation and real-time energy feedback.
  • BaseLantern Bluetooth LE connection for control from your smartphone.
  • SiteLight Mini light heads nesting design packs up easily.
  • SiteLight Mini has 3m cord for perfect light placement.
  • SiteLight Mini plugs into BioLite light ports, or USB type-A ports.
  • SiteLight Mini are daisy chainable design, up to 8 can be strung together.
  • SolarPanel 5+ is a 5W monocrystalline panel that's ultra-slim for easy portability and set-up.
  • SolarPanel 5+ has a 360 degree kickstand and sundial feature that ensures proper alignment and therefore maximum output.
  • 7,800mAh battery in the BaseLantern and 2200mAh lithium-ion battery in the SolarPanel 5+.