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Garmin Forerunner 945 Smartwatch


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For race days, training days and all the days between. Garmin’s newest Forerunner combines smartwatch functionality with advanced training tools. In a Forerunner first, the 945 looks at more than how you train but also where you train. Environmental details like elevation and temperature are now factored into your performance data. Speed, distance, pace and more come care of a new, more efficient GPS, along with other internal sensors. Using the latest generation Elevate heart rate monitor lets the 945 read your pulse straight off your wrist, no need for a chest strap. When you need more information, or even a little motivation, you can download training plans through the free Garmin Connect app. When paired with a smartphone running Garmin Connect your 945 goes from a training tool, to an everyday tool. Garmin Connect lets you review activities, receive texts, social media alerts, emails, etc., keep an eye on the weather and more. Get your training a soundtrack through popular music services and store up to 1000 songs. Detailed internal maps help you get where you need to go and if you don't have a course in mind, enter your desired distance and the 945 uses maps and tracks from other Garmin users to calculate options that start and stop right where you are.

  • Built-in modes for biking, running, swimming (indoor and outdoor), multisport – transition between activities within a single workout at the press of a button, gym focused activities (strength training – with rep counter, cardio and elliptical training, stair stepping, indoor rowing and yoga) and more
  • Includes North American map data with room to add more maps
  • Point of interest navigation lets you search for places you may want to go, e.g restaurants, attractions, accommodation, etc
  • Round-trip mapping: choose your distance and the 945 plots course options that start and stop in the same spot
  • Trendline™ routing uses Garmin Connect’s database of routes and finds the most popular way to get you where you are going
  • Stream music through a paired smartphone using Spotify, iHeartRadio, Pandora or Deezer. Or, download playlists and podcasts via your favourite music service, e.g. Spotify (premium account required), you can even drag and drop MP3s from your computer – holds up to 1,000 songs (depending on sound quality)
  • Playlists synced from streaming services can be updated when in range of Wi-Fi
  • Power alerts and lap data can come through to your paired Bluetooth™ headphones
  • ClimbPro™ mode breaks down the climbs in your activity, letting you know the grade, the total ascent, how much more you have to go and displays an elevation profile, so you know how to pace yourself
  • Garmin Pay™ contact-less payment; by linking credit cards to your Garmin account, you can make payments with your watch (if supported by your bank)
  • Strava Segment integration – both preloaded and on-the-fly (through your phone) – lets you know when your starred segment is about to begin and shows instantaneous data, how it compares to your PR and the current KOM or QOM, and then provides results once the segment is complete (requires Strava premium)
  • Connects to 3 different satellite constellations (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo) and caches satellite positions, giving you a fast connection and a strong GPS signal anywhere
  • Internet Live Tracking during activities (through a connected smartphone) allows you to share your location and fitness data
  • GroupTrack™ displays the location and telemetry of up to 50 others using compatible Garmin devices
  • Pre-set messaging between compatible Garmin units, when combined with Live Tracking, means real-time location and messaging
  • UltraTrac™ mode reduces the GPS recording rate in order to conserve battery, providing up to 60 hours of GPS use
  • Equipped with Garmin’s V3 low-profile Elevate™ optical heart rate monitor which provides more reliable constant heart rate data. Elevate V3 includes a red LED to provide Pulse Ox measurements
  • Physiological metrics includes VO2 max – which now takes ambient temperature and altitude into consideration, a race predictor, recovery advisor and performance indicator
  • Training load uses data from your past 7-days of workouts to let you know if you are overtraining, under-training, or on the right path
  • Compatible with running dynamics sensors (sold separately) for cadence, ground contact time, stride length, vertical oscillation and vertical ratio
  • Incident detection uses the internal sensors to detect if an accident has occurred. In the case of an accident the unit will send a signal through your paired smartphone to your emergency contacts, letting them know where you are and that you need help
  • 24/7 activity tracking, learning your activity level and guiding you towards a more active lifestyle
  • On board sleep tracking mode monitors your rest, letting you see your total sleep hours as well as periods of movement and restful sleep in Connect
  • Free Garmin Connect app lets you review activities, receive texts, social media alerts, emails, etc., download training plans, keep an eye on the weather and more, all via Bluetooth connection to your phone
  • Connect IQ support allows you to download apps, templates, data fields, watch faces, and other features
  • Internal memory stores up to 200 hours of activities. Garmin Connect stores all of your activity data
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts up to 36 hours in GPS mode or 10 hours in GPS and music mode, 60 hours in UltraTrac mode and up to 7 days in smartwatch mode
  • In the box: Forerunner 945, charging cable and documentation

Tech specs

Weight50g (Black)
Ideal for
  • Triathlon
  • Running
  • Road cycling
  • Casual wear
Wrist strap materialSilicone
Mineral crystal glass
Built-in memory14.5GB
Dimensions4.7 x 4.7 x 1.4cm
Countdown timerYes
Data cardNot accepted
Touch screenNo
Interval trainingYes
BatteriesLithium-ion (included)
Distance/time alarmYes
Battery life10-336 h
Wireless syncYes
Metric/imperial units formatYes
  • USB
  • Wireless
Button lockYes
12/24 hour formatYes
Battery power indicatorYes
Lug width22mm
Low battery warningYes
Case diameter47mm
Sold separately
Workout historyYes
Replaceable wrist strapYes
Sold separately
Tide tablesNo
  • Garmin Connect
  • Third party apps
Sold separately
Chest strapSold separately
Area calculationNo
Heart rate monitorYes
Haptic feedbackYes
Made inTaiwan

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